Are you looking for some information about how to get help for yourself, or for someone else who is struggling a bit at home, or needs advice to help them get on with their life?

Then this website is for you.

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We can provide advice on getting help at home, support to get out and about, home helps in Scotland and more.

Lots of people are looking for information and advice on how to get care services and support. Many different people need support – for example as we get older, or have a disability or health problems

It’s hard to even know what the services are called and what they do. People used to talk about home helps, but today there is a much wider range of supports. You can still get help at home, but a lot more as well.

We’ve brought together advice and tips from other people who have been in your situation. We’ve also gathered the information that people said they found useful – or would have helped them, if only they had known about it earlier.

The information here is ideal for adults who are looking for support.  There is also information for families of children who need support in the Local Help section – look for national help.

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