Having problems with your memory

Lots of people find it harder to remember some things.

If you want to talk to someone now Alzheimer Scotland has a 24-hour Freephone Dementia Helpline:  0800 808 3000

This is the Alzheimer Scotland website: Link to Site 

Lots of people find it harder to remember some things. It can happen when we are under stress or not feeling so well. Our memory is in any case slower as we get older than it was when we were children.

It can also be a change in the way the brain works, which is called dementia.

Lots of people worry about dementia for themselves or for people they care about.

There is good advice and help on how to have a good life. There is also support to help people with dementia live at home and be part of their communities.

  • Keep up connections with your friends and activities in your community. Build new ones too.  
  • Keep active – mentally and physically. There is some evidence that this helps slow memory problem. Being well makes it easier to cope with memory problems.
  • Enjoy yourself. Get out and about. Do the things you’ve thought about doing and try some more.  
  • Talk to the people who are close to you. Tell them what is happening and how you feel. Tell them what you want them to do. There are good sources of advice on how to explain about dementia to other people, including children, if you want some ideas on how to start the conversation.
  • Look ahead in a positive way. There will be changes to your life. But some changes, such as small alterations to the kitchen, can make life easier and safer and keep you independent for longer. 
  • Write it down. Make a record of the things you enjoy, and of music that means something to you – especially what keeps you calm and happy. Write don your life story. This will all help you now. It is also useful later on, as other people can prompt you  and help you hold on to your memories.
  • Get advice. Alzheimer Scotland has lots of good information. There are also local services that will be able to help.

These are some nice films, showing how other people are living well with dementia

Link to film

Dementia can also affect people aged under 65. These are clips of younger people who have dementia and how they are getting on:

Link to film

There is good advice for people who care for someone who has dementia or other memory problems. This includes looking after yourself.  

This gives you more information: Link to site

People with memory problems can use all the types of support.  

They can also use the Self-directed support arrangements to get choice and flexibility when they want it. There are some extra safeguards for people who have dementia or other types of memory problems, to make sure they are safe.

Alzheimer Scotland has a booklet which explains how SDS can work to give people with memory problems and their carers good support: Link to site


More information

NHS Health Scotland has very helpful publications:

Worried about your memory?

This document explains about different types of memory problems. It also has practical advice on what people can do to keep well and help their memory. Link to document

There is also a large print summary: Link to document

Younger people with dementia

This has advice on what to do if someone has a diagnosis. It explains what they and people who know them can do to help the person be independent and well.

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