Money side of support

The money side of getting support

Money side of support

You want to have enough money to let you get the support you need. Here are our tips on how to get this aspect working as well as possible for you.

  • You should be aiming to have enough money for supports that make life easier for you.
  • Look at all aspects of your income.
  • Get advice on welfare benefits, to make sure you are getting everything to which you are entitled. There are services around in each local area where someone will help you fill in the forms. It really helps to have someone who has done this before.
  • Check other sources of income, such as insurance policies that include cover for sickness or injuries, or income related to your employment.
  • Check what costs of care services the Council will help you with. There is more information on this site on the page: “Getting support through the Council“.
  • Also think about what costs you can reduce, since savings can be as useful as extra income. If you are at the stage of making changes in your life, think about what costs you are going to be saving on as well as whether you will have less income. For example, you may not be working but you will also be saving on the costs of getting to work. Or if you give up the car you save on the costs of running it.
  • All the things that other people do to reduce their costs are useful too, such as cheaper insurance and heating costs. Get advice and ask around as there may be deals you can get through community projects.
  • There are services which provide broker support. This is when someone else helps you select the services and manage aspects such as having a contract with them and paying for them.
  • Contact a bank or Credit Union to open an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Some people find it helps to have a separate bank account which they use just for care services and similar supports. They keep income related to getting support here and pay bills on direct debits. We know people who use this arrangement for paying towards services that are organised by the Council, as well as people who use it for the support they pay for directly.
  • There might be different arrangements in your area for aids and adaptations, which are changes to your house such as handrails or a shower that is easier to use. The Council will be able to tell you what they can help with.
  • There may be services in your area which provide free or low-cost help with smaller repairs to the homes of older and/or disabled people.
  • Even if you have to pay for equipment or changes to your house, this may be a good investment in the longer-term. It could mean that you need less help on a day-to-day basis – which saves money as well as letting you be more independent.
  • Some changes that are to make life easier for you can also add to the value of your house, so think of that aspect too.
  • Check out the costs of care homes if you think this is an option for you.
  • Also check out the rules on what people have to pay towards the cost of the service. The real situation might be different from the impression some people have from items in newspapers.
  • Some people decide to transfer their house to a relative before starting to look for a care home, as they hope the will reduce any costs they might have to pay. Find out what the rules are on giving your house to your family before you get into any arrangements like that. It can be more complicated and risky than you expect.
  • Find out what happens when you share a house with a relative or friend when it is their home too. This is better than planning based on an assumption that turns out to be wrong.


Where to get more information

Money Advice service: Click to link to site

Citizens’ advice service: Click to link to site

Turn2us: advice on benefits and grants for individual people, provided by Elizabeth Finn Care: Click to link to site

Independent Age has guides and fact sheets on many aspects of planning for the future: Click to link to site

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