West Lothian

Local help in West Lothian


West Lothian Council

Main Council website: Click to link to site


The Customer Services 

Tel: 01506 280000

General email contact is: customer.service@westlothian.gov.uk


Social Work Care Emergency Out of Hours 

Tel: 01506 281028 or 281029

Email: SCETReferrals@westlothian.gov.uk


Social Work

Tel: 01506 282252

Email: socialwork@westlothian.gov.uk


Care Services for Older People

Web: Click to link to site

West Lothian Community Health and Care Partnership

Web: Click to link to site

Self Directed Support

Web: Click to link to site


Independent information on SDS


Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living

Tel: 0131 475 2350

email: lcil@lothiancil.org.uk

Online contact form: Click to link to site


Scottish Personal Assistant Employers Network (SPAEN)

Tel: 0845 601 1156 / 01698 250280

Email: info@spaen.co.uk


There is a reduced membership rate for people living in West Lothian.


Independent Advocacy


ACE Advocacy 

Tel: 01506 444 330


EARS Advocacy Service

For older people and people with physical disabilities.

There is also a dedicated Stroke advocacy service

Tel: 0131 478 8866

Email: info@ears-advocacy.org.uk


Older People West Lothian

Email: info@ears-advocacy.org.uk


People with Physical Disability West Lothian

Email: info@ears-advocacy.org.uk


CAPS Independent Advocacy

Tel: 0131 273 5116

Email: contact@capsadvocacy.org


Carers Centres

Carers of West Lothian 

Tel: 01506 448000

Email: office@carers-westlothian.com

Web: Click to link to site


MECOPP  (Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People)   Carers Centre

Tel:  0131 467 2994

Email:  info@mecopp.org.uk

Web: Click to link to site


Adult Protection

Social Policy
West Lothian Council
West Lothian Civic Centre
Howden South Road
West Lothian
EH54 6FF

For service users aged 65+: 01506 776700
For service users aged 16-64: 01506 282252
Out of hours telephone: 01506 281028/01506 281029 (Social Care Emergency Team)

Web: Click to link to site


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