Will there be a cost for the support?

Lots of people use support that does not cost much. Some types of support will not cost you anything.

There is a charge for some services. Think about this the same way as the cost of anything else.

  • You know what it is in advance. All the services should explain how much each type of service costs and can tell you how much it will be each hour or each week.
  • You can shop around.
  • Think about value for money and the quality of the services you get. We have a note on good questions to ask to help you get good quality support.

Local Councils will pay at least some of the costs for some people.

  • They have priorities, which are usually for the people who have higher needs – who are more at risk of something going wrong or are able to do less for themselves.
  • Older people (aged 65 and over) in Scotland get free personal care –  such as help with washing and getting dressed.
  • Everyone else may be asked to pay something towards the services they get. Older people may be asked to pay towards to cost of other types of support.
  • If you have a higher income you may be asked to pay all of the charges.
  • The tips on this website are here to explain how the Council process work.

Check it out.

  • Don’t believe everything you read in the papers or hear from other people.
  • The costs of getting support might be less than you think.
  • Care in a residential home can add up to a lot if someone is there for several years. But that happens for only a very small proportion of people.

If you are looking for support for someone else, it is their circumstances that Council assessments and charges are based on, not your circumstances.

Some people feel it is not worth asking their Council for services as they will have to pay for most of it themselves.

  • The tips on this website are here to help you.
  • It might still be worth talking to the Council as a source of information and advice.

You may be able to get care costs paid later on if you need more support or if your circumstances change.

If you get some support through the Council you can also arrange and pay for extra services yourself, if this is what works for you and your family.

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