Harry and Beth: Managing in their home

Harry and Beth: Managing in their home

Harry and Beth wanted to manage in their home even though Beth was getting more forgetful.

Harry and Beth are both in their 80s. Beth has been having more health problems and is getting a bit confused. They both felt they were struggling.

About a year earlier, Harry asked the Council if they could get a home help. He was told they did not meet the eligibility criteria because they did not have a high need yet and it was not a crisis.

A neighbour told them about a community project for older people where you did not have to pay for the services. They went along for company and got good support from the other people there.

Through that project they heard about money advice for older people. The money advice service helped Harry and Beth get more benefits. The workers there also found savings for them on items like their house insurance and heating.

Harry and Beth decided to use the extra money they now had to pay for help at home. They asked their GP about this: he suggested the Council who again said they were not eligible.

A friend told Harry about a care at home service that comes to him, which he thought was very good. He got Harry a leaflet.

  • Being able to stay at home together.
  • Feeling that they are managing the house OK and it is clean enough.
  • Company for Beth to let Harry do things he is interested in.
  • Keeping up contact with their friends and neighbours.

Someone from the service came out. Beth and Harry liked the way she listened to Beth as well as to Harry, she made suggestions that were sensible and made them both feel good about themselves.

A support assistant comes for a few hours each week. Beth and Harry like the way they can adjust the days or times if something else is happening such as a doctor’s appointment or a social event at the community project. Each month Harry pays for the hours they have used.

Beth has joined a group of women from that area who meet at the community project each week. This has let Harry plan to do something each Tuesday, which has let him have more time with friends.

  • There is more than one way to get support. If the Council says no, ask around as there may be other places that can help you.
  • A wee bit of support can be a big help. The care at home service has made a big difference to them even though it is only a few hours a week.

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