Isobel and Alison: Friends helping friends

Isobel and Alison: Friends helping friends

Two friends helping each other

Isobel and Alison have been friends for the past 60 years. They used to be neighbours and still live just a few streets away from each other. Over the past winter they have both been unwell and in hospital.


Alison and Isobel each wanted very similar things:

  • Feeling safe and confident when they got home from hospital.
  • Getting back to doing things for themselves where they could.
  • Preventing difficulties which had happened before.

A social worker came out to see Isobel just after she got home from hospital. She organised a care at home service. Isobel pays part of the cost of the service.

The social worker also told Isobel about local services which help older people with small repairs and practical changes at home. The volunteers came out and helped Isobel with several things that made life easier for her.

Alison knew what had happened to Isobel. They both thought that similar supports would also make a difference for Alison. No-one from the social work team came to see her so Alison phoned up to ask. The response she got was very different. It took a long time for anyone to return her calls and then she was told that she was not eligible.

Alison contacted the care and repair service who said she could get support from them. They came out, gave good suggestions about things that could help keep her independent and safe at home and did the work promptly.

Alison then contacted the service that Isobel is using and asked if they would give support to her if she paid for it privately. This is what is happening now.

  • Isobel and Alison didn’t think there would be such differences in how 2 teams in a Council respond. But if you don’t get a good response ask your friends as they may have got better advice.
  • Check if there are services in your area which are available for anyone who is older.

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