Peggy and Andy: Staying at home

Peggy and Andy: Staying at home

Peggy wanted support to stay at home and prevent a crisis.

Peggy is Andy’s mum. Andy has given Peggy more help in the past few years such as doing her shopping and helping round the house and garden. Andy knows there are things his mum does not want him to help her with because she wants to keep her independence and her privacy. Recently Peggy has been more unwell and now needs help with washing and dressing as well as a lot more help around the house. 

Peggy asked Andy to contact the social work department to see if they could get help for her. It took a lot of phone calls and it felt as if there would have to be a crisis before anyone would listen to them.

Peggy and Andy decided they were not going to wait for a crisis. They asked friends about what had helped them and gathered information themselves.

Peggy decided that the best thing would be to live somewhere that would be easier to manage and would have more help nearby.

They talked to the Housing Association people who were very helpful. They arranged alternative accommodation and also talked to her about Peggy’s care needs. They arranged care at home from a service that is linked to the housing association. They also sorted it out with the Council and kept Peggy and Andy involved.

Peggy is happy with the support she is getting. The staff have suggested things such as help to keep in touch with Peggy’s old neighbours and how to get down to the local shops to do her own shopping, which is a lot more than Peggy and Andy had expected. It has also taken a lot of stress and worry off Andy.

  • It is worth talking to the Housing Association as they may be able to help you or know who to talk to at the Council.
  • It helps to talk to other people about the support you want when you have already talked it through yourselves.
  • Be prepared to think about moving house as it might give you more options.



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