Sandra: Problems with council paying

Sandra: Problems with council paying

Sorting out a problem with the Council around paying towards care costs.

Sandra is in her 70s and lives on her own. When she worked she got paid weekly and she still likes to manage her money that way.

Sandra gets support arranged through the Council. She is happy with the support she gets and trusts the staff who come to help her at home.

Sandra knew from the outset that she had to pay towards her care. But she did not get a bill for the service for several months, then she got a bill from the Council for a large sum of money which she didn’t have. Soon after that she stated getting letters which said she would be taken to court if she didn’t pay. Sandra panicked.

One of the support workers realised something was wrong. Once Sandra told her about the problem, the support worker suggested they talk to the social worker who Sandra had met at the beginning and ask her to sort it out.

It took a while to get sorted. Eventually another department in the Council said it was a fault at their end, but Sandra still had to pay the money she now owed.

While that was happening the social worker helped Sandra get in touch with a money advice team. They helped her start putting money aside and get a bank account that would let her have Standing Orders and Direct Debits.

  • Get a bank account, even if you’ve never used one before.
  • If you have a problem, talk to someone you trust even if they are not the person to deal with it. They can help you find the right person to sort it out. But don’t worry about a problem on your own.

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